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Arrow Re: PALIN as Vice President

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
This thread, in case you haven't noticed RedRat, is about Sarah Palin and NOT ME.

It is not a DUMPING ground for your SPAM.

RedRat said:

NOTE: BA is jealous of sarah palin, because she has children, she is pretty, and she has solutions to problems, unlike BA who is nothing more than a troll on a conspiracy board posting about how THERE IS NO HOPE, and THAT HER SUPPOSED GOD she claims saved her, yet is not capable of saving America, AND THAT THE TRUTH WILL NOT SET YOU FREE, gee, sounds like a real optimistic person hey? shes just jealous is all.

What you posted above is utter garbage, as per usual. GOD, together with MORAL human beings saved me from the cult and Bruce Springsteen wasn't one of those people. As you've noticed, I don't troll, but there are many others here who have and still do troll FOR me; hoping for a catch. But, I don't bite or take the bait. GOD is not capable of saving America, but Palin believes GOD sent us to Iraq. The GOOD MEN AND WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY who are not a part of the corrupt government give us hope. You would be the one who posts about hopelessness as evidenced in your recent nuclear war is imminent thread. The truth will not set you free. It will help you to understand, but, it will not set you free from the controllers. If I wasn't optimistic, I wouldn't be where I am today. BTW, what is with this delusion you have of me being jealous of Sarah Palin? Were you born a pathological liar?

RedRat said:

apparently, BA does'nt read the articles I post.

Actually, as is indicated by my responses, I read some of what you post, but not all because a lot of it isn't credible.

RedRat said:

Maybe its because BA is a JEW.

As I asked you above, were you born a pathological liar? You don't have any idea what religion I am and, even if I were Jewish, what's it to you? Do you think every JEW in the world is a part of the Zionist Cabal?

BTW, is that a picture of you? I thought you were of the male species.
Yes, this thread is about Sarah Palin, and I responded accordingly, you have posted utter rubbish and baseless accusations about her, you have no idea what your talking about, just like in the Ron Paul thread, you make absurd accusations about "good politicians" and seem to relish on that, FYI there are good politicians,(not on the take, who have genuine interest in fixing the mess up) you seem to lump them all in a bucket of corruption. I can post what I think I on any subject, (if they allow it) I think what I wrote here about you is true, your writing continous attacks and slander against Sarah obviously shows you don't know what your talking about politically, Has it ever occured to you that people like Palin and Ron Paul have families that are like the rest of us here in America, working people who don't want to see the destruction of this country, both of the said individuals mentioned have ABSOLUTELY NO TIES WHATSOEVER WITH THE RULING FAMILY ELITE STRUCTURE OF THIS COUNTRY, It is my opinion that John McCain,(as corrupt as he once was) understands that America is hanging perilously by a thread near destruction economically and politically, and while I don't support him whatsoever, I do think that because he has a huge extended family in America, and that he is getting near death, that he chose Mrs. Palin as a fresh face, and a genuine reformer who seeks to clean things up, otherwise why else would he choose her? she cleaned up alot of corruption in Alaska, she understands the monumental problems facing us, I've always known that it would take a (lady with balls) as most men in politics are nothing more than homosexual pervs, now whether anything can be done to fix the problems, remains to be seen, what with far-left loons such as yourself and the democrats, most likely not, and don' t give me the crap that you hold no political stance, your full of shit actually if you don't, because YOU STAND FOR NOTHING. Other people do, and you seem to be irritated by that, you don't and have never fooled me with your NO Political stance, theres a big difference between what people stand for, whether it be against abortion, guns, sex education, clearly you seem to be disingenous in this, Im not attacking you personally, why waste my time on that? I already know where you stand. Don't ask who I am. It is none of your business.NOTE: you say those articles I posted are not sincere, WELL, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARTICLES YOU POST ABOUT SARAH ARE DEFINITELY RUBBISH. but, again we know you'd rather believe the MSM RATHER THAN INDEPENDENT RESEARCHERS AND THINKERS, especially if there Christian in nature, another one of your 'groups' you seem to like to trash.
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