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Default The newly re-established Sanhedrin of Israel is making way for rebuilding theJewish Temple!


Judaism's elite leadership begins consideration for rebuilding the temple! This news is BIG. Officially, Judaism's leadership is to begin considering plans for rebuilding the temple. The first order of business is to determine exactly where the original Temple and "Holy Of Holies" were actually located.

Equally amazing are Jews seriously discussing renewed Temple Sacrifices and a renewed Passover animal sacrifce!. There is also talk of building a "Tent Tabernacle" to begin sacrificing even before the Temple is built and THIS IS EVEN MORE SIGNIFICANT because now that the Sanhedrin has been reconstituted (as of last October) Temple building and Tabernacle development and animal sacrifices can be conducted in full accord with Jewish religious law.

It would seem that Israel's religious Jews are now ready to launch a revival of full-blown Judaism as it was practiced by their Biblical ancestors. This is a another equally significant signal that we are close, VERY CLOSE to fulfillments IFFFFF the Sanhedrin and the Israeli Jews are really serious and urgent about setting up Tabernacle services and sacrifices plus rebuilding the temple for a third time.

If you're a watcher of Bible Prophecy like we are ... then keep a sharp eye out for news from the Sanhedrin. Oh, and by the way, it seems that the Sanhedrin will apparently now begin meeting monthly to discuss restoration of full-form Judaism of their Biblical ancestors.

In a related development from what we're hearing from our sources in Israel, a quiet debate has begun to develop inside Israel regarding who should be King of Israel as discussion heats up as to abandoning de-mocracy in Israel for a "Theocratic-Monarchy." REportedly there is a scramble already underway by those claiming to have the closest lineage back to King David. Our sources have heard a lot of names mentioned but there is one that has been mentioned more frequently in the din of discussions and that is a fellow named "Yousef Dayan" who reportedly has the best lineage tracing back to King David.

For more details on the Sanhedrin's February meeting and "Temple-Tabernacle talk from Israel

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