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Default Re: This Is Getting Whacky. Problems With Site.

They've hacked into my emails, my word programs. They've tried to stop me from writing.
Do not use ANY type of Instant Messenger. Use a router if u have Broardband. A software firewall to stop Gates sniffing around. A good anti-spyware program. Get rid of Outlook and Explorer and use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

If you can get a hold of a CRACKED XP then all the better. I will NEVER give a freakin cent to that SATANIST scum Gates.

Be careful what you download.

You should have NO problems other than your computer "spontaneously rebooting". I have been asking around. They may be able to send a pulse down the power grid as well as simply have access to a SUPER BACKDOOR. It would be hard for them to target your particular computer unless you have a VERY good Trojan somewhere in their...trojans, software.
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