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Default Re: This Is Getting Whacky. Problems With Site.

Alarm your house.

Does wonders.

They loved playing with my fridge magnets and pointing my stereo speakers in fifferent directions.

Dont take it to heart.

They're just having fun. The three months of surveillence is up and they just want to let you know they were there.

Fight back with counter-surveillence!

Get to a spy shop and wire up your house.

Play their game!

At one point i was going to go down to the front of Federal Police Headquaters in West Perth and sit on the side walk with a video camera, dark coat and hat and simply film everyone going in in plain view.

It is not illegal to do this.

Fuck em!

In the end most involved are just doing jobs and are keeping busy in case someone takes their funding from them.

Like ANY beauracracy.
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