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Default America Institutes Inquisition by Outsourcing to Middle East

Why would the United States send an innocent man out of the country to be tortured? It involves an accusation that the justice department sent a man from the U.S. to Syria to be interrogated and tortured. The man (Mr. Maher Arar) making the claim is a Syrian-born Canadian citizen who was taken into custody, under suspicion of being connected with al Qaeda, while changing planes in New York.

A spokeswoman for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service reiterated that "from the CSIS perspective, we were not involved with the arrest, detention or deportation of Maher Arar." It was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that authorized Mr. Arar to be taken to Syria for torturous interrogation. The Mountie's conduct is now under review.

Torture in Syrian prisons is well-documented. The state department’s own report cites an array of gruesome tortures routinely used in Syrian jails. And in a speech last fall, President Bush condemned Syria, alongside Iraq, for what he called the country’s “legacy of torture and oppression.”

Arar says he signed a confession because he was “ready to do anything to stop the torture.” But he claims that he had never been to Afghanistan, or trained at a terrorist camp. “Just one hit of this cable, it's like you just forget everything in your life. Everything,” he says. Seems like humankind resorts to a myopic vision that to get a confession you resort to torture despite the fact that people under torture will often sign anything to stop the torture. In 1592, Father Cornelius Loos wrote: wretched creatures are compelled by the severity of the torture to confess things they have never done…and so by the cruel butchery of innocent lives are taken; and, by a new alchemy, gold and silver are coined from human blood.

Mr. Arar returned to Canada a free man last fall after 10 months of captivity. A Syrian diplomat in Washington told 60 Minutes II last night that Syria jailed him on U.S. information despite a lack of evidence of any terrorism links. "We did our investigations. We traced links. We traced relations. We tried to find anything. We couldn't," said Imad Moustapha. He also said Syrian intelligence had never heard of Mr. Arar before the U.S. government asked Syria to take him. He added that Syria should feel no remorse about taking a year out of Mr. Arar's life. Evidently, even the Syrians did not take the signed confession as proof. However, the fundamentalist elite in the US administration apparently do. This is what you get when you mix fundamentalism with politics and the Bush administration hasn't studied much less learned from history.

The quotes above are from numerous articles on Mr. Arar's case. Mr. Arar is currently suing John Ashcroft and other US governmental representatives.

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