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Default Re: List of UN resolutions that Israel has not complied

Israel will be sacrificed to the Bomb.. Yep.. And the U.S.A. will be proclaimed "The promised land" Because the Satan worshippers who run this planet will eventually nuke the Temple on the Mount.. Turning Jerusalem into green glass.. That will stop all of these Monotheistic religions in their tracks.. Judaism, Christianity and Muslims will fall into the truth.. That the "Big Black Book" of the Old Testament was a bunch of LIES. Created by an alien intelligence.

Israel radiated for hundreds of thousands of years.. It will lay to waste the "Black Book" for eternity.

All the the prophetic/pathetic excuses will be down the drain.. Noah's Ark.. Adam and Eve.. Holocaust.. 9-11.. all lies. To create One World Government.. The NWO. Ruled by an alien being.. Who we, as dummies call Satan.

After all, these religions were given birth to create the emergence of some kind of "Anti Christ".. When in actuality it was all a plot by the interstellar bunch that has been monitoring, and controlling us for tens of thousands of years..

Now that they have control they will create a "One World Government" (They don't like messy worlds where everybody is fighting)..

Then they will kill off 90% of our population in order to colonize.

And "our intellectuals" are all agreeing with them...Hmmmm.

And the Rothschilds lead them.. Hmmm.

The best answer is to radiate the ME and foil the plans of the extraterrestrials.. And the traitors who believe in Satan, When he is really from another alien world.
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