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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

Oh, so this is how you do it!

To copy a quote, do the following:

Left-click on the text that you want to quote and drag the cursor, highlighting it in blue.
Right-click without removing your cursor from the highlighted area and select "copy" form the functions list and left-click it.
Left-click the "reply" button to open up a text window like this one.
Then left-quick the "quote" button at the end of the second row beneath the row of emoticons.
A popup window will emerge upper lefthand screen.
Right-click on the text line of the popup window to reveal function list again. Select "paste" from the functions list and left-click it.
Your text will then be inserted on the line.
Left-click onto "okay" and the quote will be inserted into your reply, as so:

Been meaning to ask someone... How do you copy the quotes from one post to another? Do you highlight the area and then hit the quote button? I haven't had luck figuring it out yet. Help please.
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