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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

thanx freeman

Join the witty club madcow. Oops, you are already one of the gang! You clever cow.

Life is far more tolerable being able to laugh and joke with you guys while debating these soul-destroying issues. Thank you for being here.

The sun will come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrow...
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're only a day away.

Iraqi women cry and pray
begging God for just another day.
When a page in history turns
Ignorance will certainly learn
The truth will be for all to see

Education is the answer
Children must learn racism is societies cancer
In all places, there is good and bad
They're just faces, cultures, children, armies and races

Money is the God of choice
Who will give the children a voice?
Mum is bread out of society
What has happened to democracy?

The working poor are blind no more

Mary XXX
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