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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

Rush, one more thing though,as much as I was blessed to see you go to my defense,it was done in such a way that was not very kind or loving to mary..

I understand, as my brother in Jesus, you were looking to defend me and frankly, regardless of the issue, it was nice, and refreshing! to be defended here-but it wasn't very loving to mary, rush, though it seemed to be kind to me, you did it at the expense of re exposing the hurt and embrassment of the hurts all over again.

I still think you meant to do a kind and wonderful thing. I understand you were doing a good thing in your heart rush, and I am still greatful for someone defending me here, that has not been the case..

But we are no better gloating over tit for tat..
her pain should not be "our " gain..this is not God's love..not truly

So next time Rush you want to defend, try to cut to the chase and not go on attacking bro..I am saying this in here, I would've preferred saying this privately, because I almost took down my last post..the system wouldnt let me- I wanted to clarify, here, so there were no hurt feelings or offenses.

I'm not saying we can't defend one another Rush, I just think it's the style, my friend.

Rush! brother are you aware I too played my part in that silly dispute over nothing, back and forth, bro? I did..

This is the last thing I wanted to say on that..

James 5:20

P.S. I am worse with this Rush, it was I who did not over look offenses with mary..I shouldnt have sparred myself..I'm a Christian..I shouldve known better..I've probably jumped on a few folks here. I do this, we all step in it now and then, so to spesk.

***Plus we are required to, Rush. It is mandatory for us NOT an 'option' bro..Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying

welp, we all learn

I hold mary no ill will, and I hope she forgives me for all that to. I think she has.

I freely extend that apology to any and all I've offended, in my short time here. I'm sure there's a little list somewhere But that's another post

True what they say, Christians are not perfect, just forgiven And by the skin of our teeth, I might add..

That's why we need the perfect One,Jesus.

Here's a lesson every Christian must relearn.

"Love Covers a Multitude of Sins"

P.P.S Let us never pretend or imagine as Christians we have "arrived" brother- a friend reminded me of that valuable lesson recently..sometimes God uses people to remind us to be careful where we stand..
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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