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Default Re: The Hoax of Female Empowerment - Henry Makows Latest.

I cant stand the little gnome. However, he and the Cheshire Cat have "upped" the birth rate and dont tell me he would'nt LOVE to instigate a few fish and chip shop policies!
:-? I have to disagree TB.Although i have no idea what it is like over there in WA as regards to these matters.I do know that in Sydney the only people breeding are either asians or other coloured migrants definately not anglo/celtic aussies.
As i said earlier anglo celtic aussie between the ages of about 20 to 35 simply dont seem to be breeding or getting married over here any more. What we do have is even more non white immigration and lot of bloated and conceited baby boomers whom having created all these social problems through their permissive Dialectic Materialist academies are more than happy to let a civil war and chaos develop as they watch from the safe distance of their vista veranda view in a leafy North shore or eastern Suburbs address!.

He's convervative...for now. Tony Abbot and Brendan Nelson are his Right Wing attack sniff of an unwashed feral and they're off.
Hes not a conservative of any shape or form i still disagree although he makes a great Machiavellian as he is always lieing blatantly from one week to the next.He is completely inconsistant and almost impossible to follow!.
Tony abbott is a complete hypocrite he was once a Catholic Priest but has several Bastard kids floating around.
B Nelson is much the same as howard inconsistant and real blue blood wasp.
Heres a hint my family home use to be in bradfield his electorate it is full of Tory grammar schools in the english Public school tradition and it goes without sayings it all tied up with the fraternal ol boys next work!. :-? 8-)
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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