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Default Nobody is getting it - the $700B BailOut.

Over and over again, I see the public discussing both sides of a completely false dialectic process.... ($700 Billion dollar bailout). Again the federal reserve is a private entity that has never been audited in its entire history, and can create this needed money from thin air. The banking system can easily be bailed out by federal reserve notes - so why did they need Congress to pass this bill?

The real answer is they DIDN'T.

But what they did need is an excuse to collapse the economy and the $700 Billion dollar bill is nothing more than a dog and pony show for everybody to get all chatty about, it changes NOTHING. But it gives the ruling the elite the excuse they need. While the puppet media is howling (because they realize they are going for the ride as well) - everything is going just according to plan, and that plan is to put you into poverty. It cannot be stressed enough - the bill is only an excuse to create an crisis, and use this crisis as a guise to tighten liquidity on the banking system and seize your assets.

It is no different than a farmer who waters his crop (loosens liquidity) and watches his crop grow (economy flourishes.) Then at the time of harvest he halts liquidity (stops watering to dry the wheat out for harvest). Then he comes in and cuts his crop down (asset seizure after credit tightening.) After taking everything fresh seeds are planted (a new economy is started) and it is watered (liquidity is reapplied) and the cycle repeats. Your grandparents were a good example of this in action as the real cause of the financial crash was the tightening of liquidity.

The Congress voted against the bill because if they had not - the ruling elite would not have an excuse to create a crisis. This is a long term plan being craftily played out. Remember AGAIN the federal reserve can create this money from nothing, they never needed the $700 Billion. As you kill a deer you hang in the garage for a week to drain out its blood. As you kill an economy you tighten currency for a prolonged period until all the businesses and people are on their knees. Then you come in and buy all the businesse for pennies on the dollar, and take control of everything.

It works great:
- You make America a 2nd world country and the people work for free.
- Through various subsidiary corporations you quietly buy up all the industries and control EVERYTHING.
- Through the guise of an economic recession you can start labour camps and raise taxation to crippling levels.

And while this is being done to you - people can feel relieved that they 'fought the good fight' and convinced their senator to vote against the bill.

What should have been on the bill is the abolishment of the Federal Reserve and the right for them to create currency. Again everybody needs to watch the documentary The Money Masters which can be seen for free at Write your senator ONLY ABOUT THE ABOLISHMENT OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THEIR RIGHT TO ISSUE CURRENCY. It is the only issue that matters.

Why Are People Going for Senators That Voted For This Bill?

The bigger question is why are people not trying to get rid of ALL THE CORRUPT SENATORS, and keep people like Ron Paul that know the real cause of the problem. Email this to everybody you know - start a wake-up chain today!

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