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Default Re: Nobody is getting it - the $700B BailOut.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Oh, knock it off, Ozzie.

The middle class aren't responsible for what the war/power mongers do.
I agree with BA. The middle class are simply trying to survive. There's not champaine lifestyles down here in these trenches. I don't know what you define 'middle class' to be, but it sure isn't here.

The middle class is a candle burning at both ends and a boat with holes trying to stay afloat.

The middle class white man has every conceivable element in the universe working against him. He is defined as a racist, a sexist, an abuser, an idiot, a sheep, a joe, a whatever.

There is no human being more mindlessly bashed and abused in the world than a white male middle class American.

He is inducted to fight wars that his parents and girlfriends and grandparents are all proud to send him to. He must listen to constant bitching from his wife about what a pussy he must be and how liberated women are and then in the same moment if he shows the slightest weakness his own wife will verbally abuse him for being a pussy.

Black men blame the white man for everything and the elite use middle class white men as cannon fodder and skirmishers in their social-economic little silent war they have going on.

What amazing is that all middle class white men haven't gone Cho Sung Wei on us and started shooting up the neighbor hood, burning down the house and shooting the dog like that guy on Falling Down.

I'm telling you, there's coming a day of reckoning. White men, and ALL men for that matter are finally going to realize that they have been taking it up the ass for years. Their going to remember to strap on their balls and get their brains out of their pockets and when that happens, there ain't gonna be no more bitching from anyone.

Just give it a little longer. Let the middle class take a shafting a few more time. Have a few more financial collapses. Few more 9/11s, and men will throw down the gaunlet!

P.S. Actually, everything I just wrote is a complete load of crap. Saddly, what I know in my heart is that most men really are pussies. I'm 31 and started fighting this war when I was 21. Which means, A) I actually do care, B) I really am not a pussy C) I really would fight a war. Because of this, I have been systematically pushed out of society and family and church, which tells me, A) I really am surrounded by a bunch of middle class men who talk a good game but when push comes to shove will ALWAYS try to cover their ass, B) I thought we really were supposed to stand up to tyranny, but what I have found is that everything they always told me in church they wouldn't do if life depended on it.

And for these reasons, I know the Illuminati will in fact dismantle America. It's not because I'm not brave. It's not because I'm stupid. It's not because I'm part of the herd. It's because before you even get to the main army of the adversary you have to wade through a river of bullshit created from 100,000 cows all running at you.

I do not fear the Illuminati. I fear the Ignorant Common Man above all!
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