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BlueAngel wrote:
Recognizing that each child is unique, early researchers into mind control were able to make some identification of the specific traumas during the various developmental states in the life of the child that would cause sufficient wounding, and of the specific nurturing experiences during those same developmental states that were necessary to prevent trauma-induced schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathic personality, as well as other mental disorders." (Oglevie, 2004).

In Peace,
In order to acheive the trauma-induced schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, psychopatic personality, multiple personality disorder, etc., the specific nurturing experiences required to PREVENT these disorders were withheld.

There are many other varied types of torture/abuse that the victim experiences as well.

In my particular case, I underwent torture/interrogation, food, water, sensory deprivation.

It was said that I brought it ON MYSELF. This, of course, due to my status as a traitor and/or having committed treason and my struggle to fight their control.

Many times, HE was reprimanded for not being able to control his SLAVE. You better get her under control. You better learn to control her.

In Peace,
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