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back in 1776. do you think the us gov was honest back then..yes it was. then cams the war with spain then the mexacan war now starting with ww1. to this war on terror.. 11 major wars to date.. and in between each war.. the longest period of no was was 22 years.. all other much shorter.. everry generation that reeched adult hood went to war. and while every generation was at war, those in there teens grew up to adult hood to end up in the next war. in this period. was the most wars in one country in the shortest amount of time. is this americas fault??.. if you say yes why all those cubans trying to get here in boats ans rafts. why are a lot of muslems coming to america waiting to be a citison. go back a few.. why did everyone come to america after 1492. why did they come to america on 1492. a new land. to escape unfair tax and dictatorship. now while your thinking of this.. take a good look at vamerica.. what do you see. in place of unfair tax is still high tax. high prices. people looseing there homes. terror cells. dont you know there are terror training camps here in the usa?.. i found this on another website.. what do you think caused all this and all those wars.. everyone has there own ideas. but without looking at the facts. learn why each war was. you will find every war invoilving america was because other countrys did not agree with the way we choosed to run our country. why did they attack on 9/11. it was because the world trade would have made countrys stronger and richer. so why did bin laden hate that. that is the question. and no one realy knows yet. do you know?. dident the terrorist target the world trade?. no one is doing any real thinking about it. after its only a forum lets have some fun. while they are over there geting killd vevery day. did you know a car bomb was found in time square in new york today.. may 1 2010
go to the news 7 website now. WABC-TV New York, New Jersey, Connecticut News, Weather & Traffic | |
and try this site about the wars i just talked about. war declared on america
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