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Default Re: Mind over matter. Quantum communication.

"This is interesting and also applies to Einstein's work: - "Moreover, people form these kinds of concepts over a background of nonconceptual thought, she says. Nonconceptual thinking is often hard to describe in words. Still, it fires up intuition, artistic experiences, and the indescribable feelings attached to phenomena such as doing complex mathematics, feeling love or grief, and finding spiritual enlightenment." -"
That gossip dressed as fact is NO part of science. Einstein's work predates "quantum" anything. Even "Claws" my cat and "Sprocket" my dog cannot think non-conceptually. They always think in concepts too, like the rest of us animals.

"Science and mathematics possess neither good nor bad cumulative traits subjective to a cultural influence"'
But they then ARE subject to that influence, and time. Like evolution, good traits are expressed and poor traits lose out over time. Which is why my statement was correct.

"it is solely the human trait manipulating the study which interprets scientific languages [taking place]."
Is gibberish. Rephrase.

"DNA vibrations are very successful at communicating."
NO. Electron flow down the molecule is the MEDIUM, the MESSAGE is the code itself. The information flow is AWAY from the DNA and NOT towards it.

Of all you have written so far, only your statement "DNA is matter" has been correct. Everything else you have written has been confused, confusing, and utterly without value.

Just to clarify the situation. Conceptually...

Way to go with your method of dealing with problems in a discussion.

Can you tell me how this Is DNA hyper-communication a native internet? - Health Supreme is relevant to quantum communication?
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