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Default Re: Mind over matter. Quantum communication.

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Humor me, I enjoy life-long debates. One particular debate which I had with a college professor lasted about 15 years. He believed Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling was chiaroscuro/sp...I felt his method for understanding and analyzing was idle. Thus after the ceilings were cleaned, voilla...he was wrong.
So he was.

Life in science is four dimensional, so many factors allow changes of perception. Thus theory today, dead tomorrow.
And now YOU are. Consider this vid.

Art is science of the mind.
No it isn't. Art is not science at all.

DNA is communication of every life force.
No it isn't. It's the medium which gets selected by natural selection. It's the natural selection that takes place that IS the "communication". Failed DNA enters oblivion.

How could DNA be so naive as to not be audible?
DNA is an inert and strong molecule because it needs to be. Any tendency to reactivity would decrease its functionality. The only activity it "performs" is as a template. You are very far from the truth here.

You are correct, I don't think much about ending this discussion.

Can you ask your question a different way?
Can you answer my question at all?

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