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Default Re: Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism

:lol: Mushroomy:
Q. What is a paleoconservative socialist?
A. A libertarian before he's been mugged
or before his daughter was raped.
So whats the the problem over their in canada, dont the state police dont do their jobs properly.What makes you think a private paramilitary will enforce the rule of law any better!.

I have no problem with voluntary socialism,
Ozziesinner sharing his hard earned money
voluntarily with other people.
But I do have a problem with coercive
socialism, other envious people asking/voting
for a member of an organised criminal gang - The
State - to forcibly take Ozziesinner's money
and then share it with others.
.k so what are you waiting for you kook why dont you rush off to form your own Dividian style compound to oppose the ATF or RIS what is stopping you blowhard,afterall you claim that you are fully independent and self sufficient so what do you need the mainstream capitalist society for get on your bike or amish cart and vamoose rushdooly!.

Personally i find the hypocrisy and lack real action by dickheads like yourself to acheive your own goals disappointing!.After all you could always just avoid tax like Al capone!. :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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