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They scratch away at the deposit of sulfur and gather it in the apron, then race back and spread it thru the body of the fire, along tunnels built in during construction, MAN Magazine had a serial comic set in Hell drawn by Australian comic artist Jack Gibson, called Infernal Nonsense, it portrayed the fire demons perfectly.

So the guards tell me the fire demons are harmless, I want to take a leak before going back to sleep, the guards say just do it and I splash a bit onto the fire demons, they become exited and a group of them gather, I get the lot of them, then move on down a little and get a bit more sleep.

Bye and bye I wake in Hell and stretch a little, thirst troubleth me not nor hunger, looking around and there is definitely a grayness, it was not as black as before whence came this illumination I was never to find out, both guards are still there they wanted to know if I had slept well.

I told them I had, the fire demons were nowhere to be seen though their tracks were everywhere in the sand, the guard who was on mobile patrol said now that I was awake he would resume his normal duties, and bade farewell. Philemon and I headed back across the sand to go up the ramp, and back into the first circle of Hell.

I explained to him that it is most unusual for someone from my culture to meet someone like him, and asked him if I might ask him a little about himself, he says that's fine go ahead .. he said he was a mortal being, and that he was past normal life expectancy for his people.

That he had recently attended a funeral for a friend of his, who was in fact a little older than himself, he had been in Hell for most of his working life, and was sore tired of it.

I asked whether he had any notion of an afterlife, and he told me that he was in fact an unbeliever, and that he did not subscribe to the notion of an afterlife at all, he said his position was not unique among his kind, however there were very many of his people who did have a different perspective.
I could not believe it, I said how can he doubt an afterlife and still be the Warden of Hell, we had just been at the fire, where millions upon millions of burning bodies testified to an afterlife, at least in so far as these were concerned, I told him I was the same species as these burners.

Likewise said I it was not adherence to any creed nor testimony that placed them in the fire, they simply wanted to be bad, he said that one could muse endlessly on such topics, and in any case his orders were clear, and they were that he keep count .. we were back at the ramp where Sisyphus continued his toil.

On and past him and into the first circle past the Swordsman, we turn right and proceed by Satan .. Philemon tells me that as we go now thru the first circle, we would pass close by a lot of committed sinners, for that reason Allah had decreed that here I can see and hear, nor can I touch or feel, and that the fallen would be unable to see me.

A few paces more, and we are level with Satan, he has a wild fearless bold face and appears to be about twenty four years old, in human terms crouched down with one only leg he is still fairly large, standing he would be a tad over six feet .. is there the trace of a pout??

As Philemon who is of the same tribe as he passes his visage becomes satanic, as he beholds his jailer in vile loathing, a turnkey only,since both are here by direction of higher authority, we pass and he looks at the ceiling of his dungeon as if beholding Allah, his face expressing concern that his friend should abandon him.

From this angle his face is a mass of wrinkles and creases betraying his great age. The path proceeds to the outer most branches of the Zaqqum Tree, described in the Koran and the home for the recidivists of Hell, a recent arrival a young male person is sobbing uncontrollably, he would have been a nice looking young man in his day.

Ironically not unlike a small version of Satan himself, who is doing his time as described just a couple of meters away, the Warden touches him lightly between the shoulder blades at the back, and he lifts his tear stained face to see what wondrous soul could have shown him kindness here.

The other residents of this place crowd along the path crying, "touch us ..look upon us," and although they are crowded together none are actually touching, and nowhere in Hell do the fallen provide comfort to each other.
Philemon produces a whisk from his cloak and whips the souls away from the path, where the lash falls so do the fallen know such marvelous comfort, here the way narrows and at this place the tree dwellers are covered with thick dust, attesting to the very great length of time of their stay.

Our way is now past the Zaqqum Tree, we have come to another place called The Outer Darkness the home of mortal women, a vast plain with row upon row of lost souls, up this end and close by they are in more or less pristine condition, back further and signs of wear, then right down the back really badly worn corpses.

Eyeballs gone, hair, skin, bone and sinew, we go left, our way has taken us around a large pillar where the path runs parallel to the front row of femme corpses, and we come to the ladies place of judgment under the ferry landing, for the underground river, the boat and the ferryman was just illusion.

The blue green water is now an undulating layer of imps, succubi, tethered to and feeding upon the fallen, the ferry is now a stony place with one hundred and two reciting the Rosary nonetheless, the ferryman like the demons in the other place consists of two like beings Gog and Magog.

One perched upon the others shoulders the upper asleep the lower alert, the ferryman's pole now a support for the upper slumbering demon, the ticking of the clock in this place is when they change places.
Then on the upper level the ladies destined to undergo Hell enter, here the pale green light of another of the guards, and the fake hospital bed with its two demon attendants prevent hysterics, providing the illusion to the newly arrived and damned woman that she is to be conveyed to some sanatorium place, and a construct not unlike an aquarium.

The woman's perspective is thus, she dies on Earth testimony says she will be drawn down a tube past an exit leading to a happy place, the way becomes cold, then colder and colder, the way will become tighter until form and substance is achieved. She will be delivered intact and unharmed into the aquarium like enclosure, though she can move and breathe there is very little room to move her feet, it is very cold.

In an adjacent place in a fore described dwelling Chablis stirs, he is a Devil, maybe four meters long tip to tip, lean in human shape and going on all fours, pointed chin and long crescent moon face, his eyes are tiny peepers at the inner end of conical eye sockets, open mouthed he does not seem possessed of a tongue, no tail visible.

He seems to flow across the stone and up the slope, glancing from the top into the aquarium structure, he reaches with his left hand and finds a device seen in the possession of the Joker in a pack of cards, it is a stick with the three pointed star and a painted face..

A Marotte is a prop stick with a carved head on it, typically carried by a jester or harlequin, the miniature head will often reflect the costume of the jester who carries it, their hats were especially distinctive, made of cloth they were floppy with three points called liliripes, each of which had a jingle bell at the end.Wikipedia.

In this document the ironies of Hell are described, from the perspective of the woman who is about to be cast into Hell, the Devil's marotte resembles in both detail and legend Humpty Dumpty, and like in the verse he is sitting upon a wall, the Devil tweaks his wrist and Humpty's arms and head piece wave, this attracts the horrified attention of our woman.

The Devil's other arm reaches in past an airlock, he is a monstrous creature and takes hold of her by the waist, his touch is freezing and like the passengers on the Titanic who jumped into the icy North Atlantic, she suffers Diaphragmatic Paralysis inducing a condition known as Dyspnea, she is unable to either inhale or exhale.
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