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Thats the real Saddam. I saw a good take on those photo's somewhere. I think my arch enemy Rivero (death be upon him) did a pretty good account of those photo's.

The US? Giant nature preserve/NWO playground for the whos who of the global elite.
Nay, your trailer park trash bodies are required for the "Imperial Mobilization" required of the Globalists, to finish off the religious zealots and hold outs to the "plantation plan".

Australia is to be the playground of the kiddie fiddlers and nature reserve for the moment.

Once you have all laid waste to most of the planet as what Thomas Barnett called the "Iron Fist" of the Globalists..."Sys Admin", thats us (coz we have smiley faces and know how to handle the natives, besides, see us running the Olympics?)take over. We shall be the REAL bastion of the NWO to pick up the peices and ensure adherence to the new "Rule Set's" required for the expansion of the Globalist Financial Empire.

THEN you shall become a nice nature reserve. But not before.
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