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Red face Trust No-One. NO-ONE. Especially Me

I'm sure most of you are very familiar with animal farm. The only result i see of any number of people getting behind any individual will only reult in a Napoleanesque transformation in their behaviour.

Not their fault and I know it creates aparadox in so much that its percieved that to overthrow a government you need to do so en-mass and therefore would require orginisation, and hence an orginiser/s.

I say not. Inaction is the key.

Anyone wanna agree/disagree? obviously a complete lack of response could mean no interest or that my idea has been instantly and completely accepted
and everyone is busy doing nothing!

If even a third(in my opinion)
of people just did nothing, nothing at all that involves giving money to any large corp. (government-local and nat., utilities and any plc's) for two to three months the whole house of cards would crumble.

So, clear your bank account, max your overdraft/credit cards and stock up on essentials. Nail your letterbox shut, only answer the phone to people you know and start enjoying your new, no-stress life!

The Only Way To Lead Is By Example
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