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Cool Re: Trust No-One. NO-ONE. Especially Me

Originally Posted by albie View Post
All you do is scale down the system. The bosses will still be the bosses. What is needed is the end of this planet. all life gone.
Yes that works too. but do you mean all life or just "human" life?

I've nothing against plants and animals. also i believe plant erth is very much alive. have you come across the russian dude who says hes the messiah? not sure about that but his groups theories on the earth as an orginism are very interesting. so far as i remember they identify the "organs" along the lines of all other complex life forms, eg; large forests=lungs, oceans=kidneys, take a look.

I believe there is a nwo agenda to reduce population but only by 2/3rds.
Surely 98-99% is better?
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