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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide


This is my first post here so... :-o

Another reported 'coincidence' that I haven't seen mentioned in this amazing thread, that I think holds a lot of significance is this:

"National Security Advisor Rice and White House spokesman Fleischer lied in saying that nobody had ever conceived of planes being used in this manner"

[ lanes+being+used+in+this+manner]

Before the attack (on March 4th 2001), the pilot episode of 'The Lone Gunmen', a spin off of the hit series 'The X-Files' recreated the scenario of a hijacked commercial airliner being flown into one of the WTC towers by remote control. The episode was actually shown later in Australia, 4 days before 9/11.

What makes it even more creepy, is it's not some terrorist or lone nut doing it in the episode, quote from TvTome - "As the death is investigated, the Gunmen become more and more entangled in a terrorist plot (Scenario 12-D), eventually facing off against a governmental power known as Overlord"


Also, of interest, is that one of the shows stars - Dean Haglund, was interviewed by Alex Jones:

"Haglund stated that after years of writing the X-files, the FBI and NASA would approach Chris Carter with plots for stories."


Obviously it's just another one of those uncanny coincidences that it was made by Rupert Murdochs 'Fox', a man who has links with the people who leased and insured the WTC towers.

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