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Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
I thought it would be humorous to post my intro in this forum.

The name is KSigMason (KSig for short). The name comes from the two organizations I belong to: Kappa Sigma (college fraternity) and the Freemasons. In the Kappa Sigma fraternity, I was the Treasurer, but am now inactive. In the Masons, I am the current Senior Warden (#2) and will hopefully be elected to the position of the Worshipful Master. I am also a part of the Lodge of Research for Idaho. In a year or two I plan on jumping into the line-up of the Grand Lodge. I am also petitioning for the York Rite body of the Masons and will later join the Scottish Rite.

Personally, I work full-time for the Army Guard. I LOVE HISTORY! Especially from the Middle Ages back - it's so freaking fascinating.

I know you are all going to have fun with me. I work a lot so I'll be on at night, but not all the time...I'm very busy.
Are all the books labeling Masonry as evil incorrect? What exactly do you strive for in Freemasonry? The 33rd degree or what?
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