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Default Re: COINTELPRO/FBI/Freemasons

POLICE WHO KNOW INFORMATION - Log started Feb. 11, 2006

Rev: November 16, 2007

| TO POLICE OFFICERS: As you can see here, your |
| colleagues are finally telling the truth. Please |
| join them in letting the world know about this |
| decades-old crime. Anonymity is guaranteed if |
| you contact me, Eleanor White, with your story. |
| |

The first instance where a police officer admitted to
knowing that harassment is happening is from a lady
who uses the code name "anymouse". She and her family
moved into a house which, unknown to them, was a former
methamphetamine lab.

The trace chemicals caused her family to have severely
decayed teeth, to the point where their dentist accused
them of being "meth users."

Someone, probably the dentist (some dentists are required
to report possible drug user symptoms) then turned the
family over to a harassment group who harassed them for
years. Only after finding out about the "meth mouth"
mandatory reporting laws, and informing local law
enforcement that they were NOT meth users (a difficult
task) was she able to get the harassment (almost)

No doubt, there are MANY other people who have been
falsely reported by medical personnel as meth users, and
don't have the slightest idea why they are being brutally
harassed. This is an important human rights issue which
needs to be exposed and stopped!

------- Forwarded message follows -------
Subject: Nice backup for us,
from a police officer
Date sent: Mon, 28 Nov 2005

All emails like this one should be approached with a degree
of skepticism, however, I find nothing in the content to
suggest this isn't a bona fide email. I do find
encouragement that if this is a real police officer, we do
have at least some friends in blue:

================================================== =
Dear Eleanor,

I stumbled across your site only a matter of days ago and
I'm afraid to say that the information has confirmed a
number of facts that I had always suspected to be the case.
Throughout recent years we have often ...

[Eleanor talking: Note the word "OFTEN"]

... been called in to cases where a victim suspects that
he/she is being stalked by a large gang, and sometimes has
some form of photographic evidence to back this up. However,
our superiors informed us that they had strict orders (from
where they were unsure) that we were to ignore all cases of
gang stalking and, if possible, to provide evidence that
the victim is criminally insane.

From my investigation in recent days it has become clear that:

- Victims are often people living on their own. This is
because it is a lot easier to marginalize a victim who
has no direct relatives to support them. It is also very
useful for the perpretrators, since the single person
can be classed as mentally ill and there will be
absolutely no evidence to prove that this is not the

- The criminal justice system is strictly under the control
of a small elite who ensure that no charges are pressed
against the instigators of the gang-stalking.

I will continue to look into the matter in the forthcoming
weeks; I get the feeling that perhaps in the Christmas period
we may see a surge in attacks. I will endeavor to keep you
informed as long as I am not silenced.

Thank you for being an upstanding defender of the truth. When
justice is done you will be recognized as a pioneer of their

Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx

Added on Feb 11/06 (code SN):

Well, today, I received a questionnaire form from a
target in the same geographical area as the officer, and
listen to what she reports about her attempts to get help
from the police:

>I have been personally told by police not involved in
>the situation that people within higher departments
>WILL NOT ALLOW them to assist me.

Added on Feb 11/06 (code CV):

In response to yesterday's report of a second police officer
explicitly stating they had ORDERS to not help a target of
vigilante/group/gang stalking, one of our forum members
reports this THIRD instance below:

"First they assigned the case to a third shift patrol officer -
Officer Xxxxxx - who had no computer background and
was on vacation. When he returned he told me he couldn't
help and he was told to not even enter a record of the
complaint into the police computer BY HIGHER UPS."

Until we had these three reports, the first being in Nov.
2005, our group of targets of vigilante stalking were
largely only able to allege these crimes. These three
reports change the entire complexion of the situation.

Orders from the top makes it very plain this is a major
political agenda, and functionally, it's really not much
different from Hitler's/Stalin's neighbourhood civilian
thugs who keep citizens "toeing the line."

Added on Feb 11/06 (code HG):

A FOURTH report showing police acknowledgement of
vigilante/group/gang stalking:

>In the beginning of my [criminal harassment] in 2000, when
>I went to the police station in Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx XX, the police
>told me that "they were doing this type of thing to someone in
>every apartment building in the city".

Added on Feb 12/06 (code FKA):

>Please don't use my name, but when I went to the FBI in 1996
>and met with the Special Agent in Charge, he immediately said
>There was no pretending that this wasn't going on (and going
>on a lot). He referred our case to the Portland FBI who
>ordered an investigation. Of course that investigation would
>be sent to Sacramento where the FBI there refused to investigate.
>Every other law enforcement agency were made to stop
>investigating. None of the agents pretended there was "nothing
>going on." They just looked beaten down and said "I'm sorry".

Added on Feb 13/06 (code _S):

>2004, small mid-western town, victim remote shocked while
>driving her car on main street.
>On reporting incident to police, officer admitted that remote
>shocking can and does happen but refused to make a report and

Eleanor White commenting: "BACK TO HER HOMETOWN POLICE?"
Does this suggest that local police are initiating targeting
of some people they "can't get justice" for via the courts?

Added on Feb 14/06 (code ZR):

>Eleanor, I went to the sheriff's office in the county in
>Xxxxx where I believe the gangstalk "higher ups" reside.
>I called and e-mailed a detective in criminal intelligence
>who was working with another target who resided in that
>county (next to mine). I also mailed this detective a
>copy of David Lawson's report ("Terrorist Stalking in
>America") and Norma's [gangstalking] CD. He emailed me back
>and said that the volume of information that I and this
>other target were sending him was too much.
>I then called him -- he said to go to MY local police--I
>asked him if he was aware of where the gangstalking was
>originating from (in his county) he replied "yes." I
>hope he is aware of and working on this now in that
>county. These people are also heavily into selling drugs
>and claim to be professional murderers.

Added on Feb 16/06:

This is a quote from private investigator David Lawson's
2001 book titled "Terrorist Stalking in America", a review
of which can be read here:

Book Review: Terrorist [Organized] Stalking in America

"I also spoke with police officers from across the country.
They confirmed the existence of stalking groups across the
country. In general, they said that "cause stalking" is
primarily a civil problem where the plaintiff has to prove
financial loss. They also said that there are free speech
and grass roots issues involved. In fact, the police
themselves are targets of these groups. In small towns, the
number of members in these groups can easily exceed the
number of police officers. In general, the police will NOT
talk about stalking groups. One officer did say there is
a storm brewing as groups become larger and more numerous."

Added on March 29/06 (code CJ):

>Was thinking this a.m. about an incident which happened about
>10-8 years back in Key West An interim police chief with the
>first name of John resigned his position due to threats on
>himself and his family. When pressed for details by reporters,
>he stated :"You wouldn't believe it"...I do know that a further
>investigation was taken on his behalf by Top Cops around the
>country, who then could not figure out how the "threats" were
>delivered, although some were made on his phone. I think he
>"heard" the threats to himself and family and the Perps seemed
>to have highly personal information about him and family.

** TO TARGETS: Keep this case in mind, as it suggests that
interim police chief was a target of citizen gang stalking and
electronic harassment. Mention it and the others here if you
find yourself discussing citizen gang stalking with a police

Added on May 12/06 (code DJ):

We have a report that two police officers in an Ontario,
Canada city have affirmed to a target that they know organized
stalking is happening. An investigation was started, stopped,
and then restarted and is in progress as of May 12/06.

The officers are quoted as saying to the target that they do
want a conviction, and that while working on "criminal
harassment" cases - their term for organized stalking - is
quite difficult, the police report success in dispersing some
organized stalker by their presence.

Added on July 25/06 (code DJ):

This is a follow up to the above entry dated May 12/06.

In spite of the really hopeful admission that organized
stalking was known to police, and that they wanted to help
and obtain convictions, this case got assigned to a detective
who flat refuses to "believe" (the word "admit" is more
applicable) that organized stalking exists.

Furthermore, apparently, this same police department asked
STALKING! This is an OUTRAGEOUS abrogation of freedom of
speech and the seniour officer responsible should not be
allowed to continue in police service!

Added on November 16, 2007 (code CS):

From a former police officer writing about her ex-husband:

"I asked my ex husband who is a very honest law enforcement
officer and has been for 37 years. He believed me but said
to keep researching and filing reports with my local
county... Well now 1 year later he admits he knows of the
group and they are stronger then any police organization
and they basically leave them alone and do not even talk
about them."

Added on November 16, 2007 (code DJ):

A target who had been having intense on the highway
harassment from perpetrator vehicles called the highway
patrol agency and complained. The target complained about
"cause stalking", which is the term for organized stalking
used by private investigator David Lawson in his book by
that name.

The target asked the highway patrol officer if the officer
knew about "cause stalking." The officer replied, "OH, YES!"

The officer offered to investigate, but the officer could
only go so far, because of a dead end investigating a licence
plate. The officer stated emphatically that the officer
knew that organized [cause] stalking was a real crime. The
target was able to loan a copy of Lawson's book to the officer.

Added on November 16, 2007 (code EM):

A target who discused organized stalking with a prominent
lawyer got the reply "OH, YES!" to the question of whether
organized stalking exists.

New Info : Many law enforcement,city,county and state are involved in masonic stalking
Fire fighters, judges,city,county and state road and utility workers,and many more masons that are intwined into our cities,counties,state and ofcourse,federal...
Bullying in the schools are masonic orchastrated.. led by masonic parents ..

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