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Default Re: Prostitute Barbie - The New "Sexy" Barbie That Goes Way Too Far

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
What's wrong with Goths?
Well here's the thing. I had to grow and go to school with all these goths right. I grew up in a children's home and all of them wanted to be goths and vampires and gangsters. I don't know, I just always thought they were so stupid. Nothing interesting going on in their heads.

Well I guess the vampires went out and bit everyone because now everyone and their dog is a goth or some sort of vampire creature or a zombie.

Besides, it's not even Goth. When I went to Romania I saw Goth. Except they didn't want to be vampires or werewolfs or zombies. I had some great times with some real people who practically speaking still lived in a gothic culture. Went to some great Orthodox masses, and was served some of the best food I've ever eaten in my life. But these goth people were just normal farmers. They were closer akin to the idea on the painting American Gothic.

So I guess it all depends on one's interpretation of goth. If hauling hay and working a garden on a farm is goth, heck I guess I'm goth too. OH LET'S ALL BE GOTH AND BE DONE WITH IT!

No, but seriously, we're being overrun with zombies and vampires. I grew up with these kinds of people. I thought they were stupid then, I think they're stupid now. So I think I'm going to start an anti-goth movement. Our battle cry will be, "White! It's the new black!"
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