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Default Re: Warrior Of God?

Bouncer wrote:
"These people (i.e. Illuminati, black sheep, et al) are powerful and deadly: what you are doing is tantamount to jumping into shark-infested waters." Well, I'm not jumping into anything: I'm one of the guys with the harpoon gun."
Yes I strongly agree with this point of view. Iíve been warned by many people not to oppose the government. Those people openly show their cowardice to me. I donít fear any kind of evil. God protects me and I am working under his guidance.

We are already under attack. Realize that it is not sin to kill in self-defence. So what are we waiting for?

And how would you define a 'harpoon'? Is it scathing words, un-veiling secret information and exposing the perpetrators to the public? Or is it something more physical and direct?
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