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Default Re: Is he?

Checked out those sites...hmmmmm.

I think the movie speaks for itself.

The flogging is the best scene. The violence fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taken from historical documents on Roman punishment.

Thats whats so great about this movie.

I'm sick of namby pamby depctions of the crucifixion.

Christ went through HELL a dozen times over as an example to us all!

When we next feel crucified by the state or our work or our community for speaking the truth remember Christ.

He rose again. I'll view Christs buttocks all day.

If thats an Illuminati film then I'm a fan of American Idol.

My only criticism is the preponderence of 'white' people.

People who lived in the ME 2000 years ago did not have white skin.

A mistake on Gibsons part.
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