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Default Re: Is he?

I guess it's a simple matter of taste.

I have no problem with gore as long as it's in context.

You can tell when it's just been thrown in for effect.

Gibson stated in an interview directly on the violence that that was the way it was. This is what they did to Jesus Christ.

I have heard many times that the movie did not explain enough of his ministry and all of his message. However, Gibson has been fervent that the movie was about reminding people what our Lord and saviour went through to save our souls and speak the truth.

Many times Jesus could have backed down. Knowing full well they would crucify for him for the truth.

When I feel down. When I feel i'm being mocked for my views and my time would be better spent working/going to the beach rather than posting, I just think of what Christ went through to bring the truth to light.

To that end the Illuminati have failed if they are behind that picture.

On another note on Gibson, i've heard 2nd and 3rd hand from people who have worked as security that Gibson is much loved. He is completely unpretentious and a dedicated family man.

I like him alot though i've never met him.


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