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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Well, you know, they had to have a "terrorist" attack of great magnitude to instill fear, implement the "Patriot Act" and begin their search and seizure measures on the citizen's of this country.

We are know learning how to line up like sheep and be searched at national landmarks, etc.

Privacy invaded heretofore.

The 911 attacks were in the planning stages for decades.

Flying jets via remote control from the ground programmed to hit their target with exact precision and to cause detonation of the bombs planted inside.

Where were the fighter pilots? Grounded!! It was a standdown. All branches of military and government involved to effect such.

Four jumbo jets hijacked, off course with lost communication and no interceptor jets until it was too late.

To "instill fear" and pretend to be our protectors.

What a racquet!!!
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