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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
To say that I'm hypersensitive; argumentative and that my discussions are not construtive is to deflect just as you have done so by saying that you only used the word Illuminati because you were following someone else's argument.

Very lame.

I was merely pointing out and, I shall point it out again that your belief is that the ILLUMINATI are evil, but, are not of the opinion that they are involved in the music industry.

This is what you said.

My definition of a PIG is someone who is dirty.

Like a PIG slopping around in the mud.

Would you like me to define the word "dirty?"
You also have a tendency to misquote.

I never, ever suggested that the Illuminati (even if they do exist) were EVIL.

To state that the people you claim victimised you were 'dirty' is not exactly useful information.
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