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Originally Posted by EmaEmerald View Post
Quite frankly, I'm experimenting with your reaction to an idea, and you're showing predictable results.

Quite frankly your idea, isn't an idea at all. What you say boils down to language and the wording we use as being true or false.

For example. We all know the sun exists. Even if we don't know it's a star, or have no knowledge of the universe, we all KNOW that when the sun is up it brings light.

This IS a fact. What is also a fact, is that your entire argument is as silly as saying "What if I don't believe in suns." Well then sir, you don't believe in suns, it doesn't make it not true, it just means you defy the truth. If you don't believe in suns because you don't understand the word sun, it doesn't change the physical presence of the object in which one was referring to. It just changes what ever word we apply to it.

Like Blue Angel, has a head. What if you don't believe in heads? This is a fallacy, because you do... because your thoughts are coming from your own head. This is something you KNOW is true, even if you choose to call it something different, or leave it nameless all together.

What you are arguing is language. Such as, what makes the word "Bag" apply to a bag. You would have to look up the origin of the word to understand where it came from... but all in all, if we didn't accept language as a truth, we would all still be cavemen now. You need Identifiers (words) in order to keep track of objects.

Period, the end.

Your Idea is wrong, and illogical. Trying to refute logic... you only prove even harder it's concept. Furthermore, I could reflect the same example back to you. You are indeed trying to claim a truth by saying logic is bias. On the other hand, there supposedly is no truth. If there were no truth, your entire argument would never have been conceived. You had to base your counter argument upon the word truth and logic. If there was no truth, logic wouldn't exist, if logic didn't exist, neither would your post. Which makes your post out right wrong.

Quit trolling, if you aren't trolling... get mental help fast.

Or, just hang yourself... and see if death is a truth, I'm pretty damn sure it is... but I'd love to watch you give it a go.

Also, it's easy to predict a reaction such as this. You concoct something foolish on purpose, and propose it to non-foolish people. It's quite obvious the reaction that your going to get.

Everyone with half a brain will say your wrong. Anybody who agrees with you is a moron. It's literally that simple.

Logic will tell you that this is a binary question. There is no third option, only 1 or 0.

To prove my point I'll quote you again.
An act I have willingly committed under glaring eyes by apoplectic priests of the church of logic. What are you doing with that monograph? You should know better than to be using a book as a feeble shield.
What if he doesn't believe in books or feeble shields?

What say you, heathen!?

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