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I would add that wisdom and power need not dress up in religion or indignation to be effective. When you became born again, you became the enemy of a host of people, not because you desired to be an enemy, but because the other people serve Lucifer, and by definition are your enemy. Let us not return evil for evil. God's divine love and Spirit are the most powerful things in the universe! Let's learn how to use these and all other weapons we have for His glory. God's glory is creation of new life, protection of the human soul, and the destruction of evil. His ultimate victory will be over evil itself, not over human lives.
And PLEASE be advised that inhuman spirits are working in league with many of these dark factions. Anyone who has been attacked or has dealt with preternatural phenomena know how DANGEROUS it can be. Jesus said that He sends us out as sheep among the wolves. We are not self-sufficient in this regard.

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