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Default Toxic Workplaces

January 11 2005

Toxic Workplaces / Workplace Bullies

Wow what an experience.

I was employed at Gal Power Systems in 1999

in Mississauga to work on diesel generator systems.

GAL Power Systems

I was working on a pair of 16 v 92 Detroit diesel generator sets at 4160 volt at a facility called the South West Regional Centre in Chatham Ontario.

I was requested by the project manager Moe Gallick of the

Ontario Realty Corporation

Home Page

to supply and install some fuel system components at an

Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Provincial Police

transmitter tower close by.

When I went there to do the work I saw that this was an old abandoned site no longer in use.

I was let into the building to begin work.

As I was to begin working I noticed the building had a an unusual amount of rat poison or toxic chemicals distributed inside the building.

No breathing equipment or protective clothing were supplied by either my employer Gal Power Systems

GAL Power Systems

The Ontario Realty Corporation

Home Page

or the Ontario Provincial Police.

Ontario Provincial Police

Mr Gallick did not spend very much time in the building.

I did not complete the work.

Shortly after this I had to seek medical attention within the Ministry of Health and was off work for close to a year.

This was a deliberate act to try and suffocate me.

I almost died.

This act of incompetence was the end of a series of poisonings that started a couple of years earlier when I was working at Harper Detroit Diesel

Harper Power Products

on a project at Mississauga Hydro

probably continued when I was hired by Thomson Technology

Thomson Technology - Home

in British Columbia and almost ended in my death at Gal Power Systems.

GAL Power Systems

Talk about bad politics or a toxic work place.

That's kind of the ultimate.

Some people say there is no corruption here in Canada.

The harassment in my workplaces to date with snide and off colour comments about my mental health are unbelievable and intolerable.

There is much more to the story.


Gal Power Systems

84 Bentley Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2E 6T9


GAL Power Systems

William McMillan
Manager - Corporate Accounts

Gary Logan


Toronto, Ontario

22 - 1530 Drew Road
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5S 1W8


William McMillan
Manager - Corporate Accounts

Gary Logan


Ontario Realty Corporation

11th Floor, Ferguson Block, Queen's Park
77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M7A 2G3

Contact Us

Morris Gallick

Phone: 416-327-3937
Toll Free: 1-877-863-9672
Fax: 416-327-1906

Customer Service Action Lines:

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Calls for the GTA and the Southwest regions should be directed to :

DEL Management Solutions

777 Supertest Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3J 2M9

Tel: 416 661-3070

Fax: 416 736- 2634

DMS -- manager of the ORC land portfolio and residential tenancies.

DMS Property Management ..

DMS 24/7 Emergency Hotline (toll-free):




SNC-Lavalin ProFac

304 The East Mall, Suite #900
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M9B 6E2

Local: 416-207-4700
Toll Free: 1-800-397-2458

Facility management service provider.

Home - SNC-Lavalin ProFac

SNC-Lavalin ProFac HelpDesk (24/7):



Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Provincial Police


Gerry Duffett

Workplace Issues - General Board

Toronto / Ontario / Canada

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