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i have been through thousands and thousands of illuminati t.v. and movie spots, commercial spots, thousands of 9/11 coincidences in movies, shows, commercials.

it is IMPOSSIBLE by odds that its all pure coincidence.

and to the people saying that that would be the stupidest mistake to expose themselves with little hints throughout movies and such,

well i have this simple answer.

9/11 meant absolutely nothing to you before it happened didn't it?

you think just because they hide clever little hints like dates and such that you would figure out what it meant before it happened?

it only made sense watching it now, after "9/11" happened, and you became aware, that's exactly how they like it, as i said, they love rubbing it in your faces, because the majority will never wake up, the majority will never take the time to watch them all, the majority just can not accept it.

if you take the time to view thousands and thousands and study all the meanings and symbolism it is horrificly obvious

some of them are so painfully obvious , it is quite disturbing actually.
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