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Originally Posted by Jeff6900 View Post
I would like to introduce myself! My name is Jeffrey Killey! And your Moderator can kiss my Irish ass!!! I came here to debate reality and all I get is a smug smart ass control freak trying to abolish anything I say! I will not tolerate this in any way shape or form! What I have to say should be heard and debated by thinking adults? Not controlled by some NAZI minded control freak? If the blue wings wish to debate I would ask them to be objective! Anything less is really quite immature? I look forward to open minded arguable debate! Not some insecure control freak deciding who is right and wrong! The dudes a doosh so kick me out or accept and argue? Or control the thinking lol....
Wow, that was quite stupid of you to say. I don't always agree with BA, but she is the Moderator. So, you are still (or was) a newbie? How did that work for you?
Man, you could have lasted alittle longer if you didn't have to say that. There are other ways to express your frustrations. But this is NOT one of them.
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