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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Ah.....BlueAngel?? Did you look through the entire thread, I think it's pretty obvious you didn't as you would have seen that commonsense's last post was the most sarcastic post I've ever read. It was meant to point out that ihimself can commit any crime he/she wants to and still go to heaven as he/she can "interpret" a supernatural deity anyway they want to fit their lifestyle.

Now as you obviously misunderstood commonsense's last post I'll reiterate incase you've misunderstood mine as well and without any grounding ban me forever.

Commonsense quite obviously was being sarcastic and DOES NOT think it's ok to rape children, infact he thinks it is the worst thing EVER, hence the use of it in his post to get across the point that ihimself can make up whatever moral rules he wants!

I think you should first, lift the ban on commonsense and second, apologise for your balant misunderstanding of his post! Just read through the previous posts in this thread, you'll see that using CAPITAL letters to emphasis words such as GOD and such was typical of ihimself's posts, and commonsense used the same style to mock this! If you have actually bothered to read the whole thread you'd see that commonsense doesn't actually believe in god.....from the first sentence you should have got the irony...

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