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Default Re: see if you can proove me wrong i dare you

It would be nice to get out of the 18th Century, so lets do it, now you know the the Great Seal of the United States was established on 15th September 1789 in New York, so has the American Government ever used the same alignment of as the Sun rose, Alnilam/Belt of Orion culminating in the centre of the sky again...yes they have approx. 160 years later but in Washington, D.C.

Please note that stars do move very slowly, and New York and Washington D.C. are different locations, so this effects how it all aligns on an astronomy programme, so i,m looking for an intended alignment on 18th September 1947 in Washington D.C. where the Sun rose at 06:55:36am, while Alnilam, star of Osiris was culminating in the centre of the Sky.

Firstly lets look at the National Security Act of 1947, link below:-

National Security Act of 1947 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Truman signed it on 26th July 1947, but it become effective on 18th SEPTEMBER 1947!!

The C.I.A. were formed on 18th September 1947, as link below shows:-

Central Intelligence Agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Will continue soon.
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