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Default Re: NASA Opportunity Mars Rover Panorama - Rock Carvings - Inverted Y Glyph - Race

In the video upper left at 12:14 a nearly perfect square has been carved into the rock, another complex geometric shape has been carved a short distance away below and to the right.

At 19:05 in the video a glyph shaped like an inverted letter Y has similarly been carved into the rock .. the same shape has turned up elsewhere.

A different shape is visible in a rock carving on Curiosity Mastcam Sol 959, all Mars researchers know that in places the entire groundscape is littered with skulls, some are human some are not. Among the humanoid skulls some have alien eye sockets that resemble the eyes on the Sol 959 carving.

Postulate the carvings define different Martian racial characteristics. See on Spirit Rover Panoramic Camera Sol 1354, an image that has an exposed skull with entirely alien eye sockets, an almost perfectly preserved alien head and perfectly preserved human faces.
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