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Since I have admitted to be mainly a poster to my own post instead of adding my thoughts to other post, I will therefore only start my new threads here, if you think the material is good, start a new thread to talk about it, if its not, just ignore my latest rant. :-D

PS, I've defended SeC in the past for him not adding to the post but just adding links, I might have been to kind on this because I think if your going to be on a forum, one should contribute their own views on the subjects on the front page, I am also not saying that I think his post are not interresting, I find alot of them very interresting, so if anyone wants to just ad a link for others to investigate and not want to ad their insight on their posting right away, you can also use this page to put it forth.
PS, not sure how this will work or not, just trying something to cut down on the infighting, and the forcing of good post off the front page.
This board can also help others to find out first if an article has ever been posted before on it,
for instance, the search engine might not show a particular subject has been brought up before, if your not sure, ask here first, see if anyone knows of it being posted before.
By the way I haven't talked with Henry on this, and I'm not sure what the rules are, so in the interrest of all, I hope I might be legally allowed to try this.
I think it makes sense, but I don't want to step on any toes here.

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