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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

ok i did some further research on this. and I did a movie on it.

This is a film detailing the many mistakes and outright lies of Jordan Maxwell.
After months of research and checking Jordan Maxwell’s “facts” I found him to be a very deceptive and manipulative teacher. In addition to debunking many of his claims this films looks at his motivations and associations and shows that his philosophy is exactly that of the So called New World Order although its very cleverly hidden. You will find his devotion to Theosophy includes naming Himself “Jordanus Maximus”
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I used to believe everything this man said.
Not anymore.
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Do I Think he is one of THEM?
I don’t know, but I do know that whether he is or not he is helping sell so called Truth Seekers the New World Order religion on a silver platter.

Debunking Jordan Maxwell The Movie (2nd edition)
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