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Default Re: kicked out for not believing the bible as fact...

So what are your ideas?

I'll start with mine.

I grew up orthodox xtian. Must admit. Still am. I was actually baptised twice, once as a baby, and second time to get married as my childhood church had been expelled from officialdom. Long story. Not really, but another thread. lol

Ok. The bible.

The bible is a government publication. A compilation of works by at least 40 known authors, rewritten, edited, and what we would call today, illegally reproduced, into what we know as the four gospels. There is absolutely no evidence to even suggest jesus existed, let alone was crucified, on a cross, and rose from the dead. The cross was found almost 300 years later, by none other than the emporer's mother. Christmas day and easter celebrations are not the birth and death of christ, for these were never really known, but were mere continuances of ancient pagan traditions. This includes the bearing of gifts and easter eggs (sorry, no santa or bunny). The symbol, the cross, is an ancient symbol, representing the sun, or a star. Hence, the star of david. (the sun the obvious choice of worship for the ancients). Errm, what else? Ahh. the messages in the bible.

This is mixed. Officially, you are to forget you are significant in any way, forget about this life, do what you are told, to prepare for the next.
Praise be to him, blah blah blah, blah blah blah.
But there are also great messages in the bible. 2000 year old messages.

Letter to Corinthians: The analogy of the it carefully

When jesus says...'before there was abraham, i was. Falsely translates to jesus proclaiming divinity. But the true translation is...'before there ever was...i am. Say it to yourself. Before anything you read, or learnt....YOU were. YOU were here first...THEN you read about OTHER things. Unimportant things. Before there ever was...i am. Wonderful words.

If you start reading jesus' words as if he were trying to tell you that YOU were god, you will see the divinity in the text that could NEVER be edited from you. Yes, YOU. God. Analogy of the body. Read it. There is but ONE life. ONE. And you are a part of it. A part of HIM. you ARE him.

I love the darkness coz it lets me see the stars.

Realise, as there is only ONE life. There is no good or evil. There just IS. Colour. Not just black and white. Endless colour. God IS the devil..the devil IS god.

There is no death...just transformation. That is science. Everything living has electricity running through it. Believe in karma. It is real. Magnetic forces. Attraction. Polarity. Good deads. What you give is what you get. Its all in the bible. Truth. Absolute truth, mixed with absolute rubbish.

Have you gone crazy yet, or is it just me?? lol

So many few braincells.

Ahhhh....just be glad you got kicked out of a forum. For the past 2000 years thousands were tortured, burnt at the stake, for just questioning the bible. Questioning, a natural wonderful human trait that can only cause enlightenment, at worst.

Great documentaries are out there. Google it. The best ive seen is one called Zietgeist_chapter1 is about xtianity.

I must ad, when I was rebaptised, thankfully by the same godparents, my godmother who passed only a couple of years later, bless her, was an absolute wonderful experience and a true blessing. I still believe in prayer, I still believe in good deads, it is all positive energy.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts about the bible. What got you kicked out?? lol
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