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Exactly, artificial constructs. We assign it wealth. We take in the "value" of people within the country and use that actual value to back up bonds of fake value.
On the back of your Birth Certificate is one such bond number. The Government owns your skills; the more skilled and educated you are the more you are able to provide wealth and thus the value of your bond increasing. These skills and potential to earn is turned into a numerical value and that should be the end to it.
However to stimulate growth there is commercial banks with interest rates and other shit! Government should own all money, interest rate at 0%. All money is tracked and is always going to be a specific value based on the perceived potential to profit valued from the skills pool and raw materials value of the entire country.

The Commercial Banks and Federal Banks are methods to display an illusion of economy; because who trusts the government with their money? They'll trust a private company because... well, it's private, they can be held accountable.
These banks get to a position of power where people have so much invested in the 'money' that it'll damage them if they pulled out; so the banks can threaten the people who use the money to keep using it.
Federal banks charge interest on the money they produce to keep the currency competitive; "We've put 0.05% more money into the economy, that's what will be charged on this loan to keep the value consistent when compared to skills and common raw materials".

Of course, the commercial banks will charge 20% for a credit card. The 20% extra isn't covered anywhere. There'll be $100 in existence but $120 on the loan is still there because of commercialness. So, to cover the extra 20%; more loans are needed from the commercial banks and thus more from the federal bank. More loans just to pay off interest which will eventually lead to a massive crash due to trust for the system failing (It's not a case of banks not trusting you to pay back the money, they know you cannot pay back the money. They know there is so much interest in existence that you will not be able to pay it off.

So, commercial banks stop lending because they know you cannot pay them. A design that allows banks to have long periods of lavishly squandering their profits, followed by a short brutish balance of currency, only to be repeated.

The billions of dollars given away to failing companies is the government trying to stop the recession being short and brutal. The longer it goes on the less value everything has; whilst the shorter it is means that less value is lost on keeping companies afloat.


I do not contradict myself. You don't have the same definition of government and puppet masters that I do.

Government can only react the way it's been told to react. That can be forced by media control, finance control, blackmail, social reform et al.

The recession continues because our governments are doing what they think will get them re-elected. If they are shown to be cold calculating ruthless bastards during the time of the metro sexual and feminists poisoning (no surprise where they originated from) the minds of "voters" they would never stay in.

And because people would rather have power than fix the problem, they won't fix the problem, they'll try to get as much power as possible. if they fix the problem they are labeled and evil.

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