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Sergeant ----- who was grinning ear to ear, chewing gum elated at this opportunity to kill an injured man, made a motion toward his weapon as my attitude became insubordinate, expecting that he would fire upon me if my aggressive attitude persisted.

It was then that a decision was made that he was to be shot, I was the medic, I grabbed my medical supplies and hurried to Pte ------ and proceeded in the direction where the injured man lay.

Sgt ------ was chewing gum open mouthed, I told him I was gonna fix this man, and see to it that he was properly repatriated to hospital care, telling them I joined the Army to be a soldier not a fukken murderer and like it or fukken not, I was going to bring aid to this man.

----- went for his M16 rifle, I thought he was gonna shoot me for insubordination in the field, so I stood mute while a group under Cpl ---- assembled and went forth and murdered him, Pte ----- shot at the man he missed then fired a second shot killing him, yeah I want to hang them .. Smirk now you ****!!!

Pte ----- killed Pte Goody and Pte Earl on the early morning of May 1 1970, he fired without warning upon both men during operations, I attended both injured men and our Lieutenant after he was wounded in battle on Feb. 18, 1970. Some hours after the shooting and subsequent helicopter evacuation, and as the sun was rising ----- said, "if you've got any more we will kill them too," I believe he should be charged with wilful murder!

At about 11:00 pm the previous night while D Company was in situ at Nui Dat between operations, we were woken and ordered to get into our combat gear including helmets and flack jackets, while a troop of M113 Armored Personal Carriers had appeared to take us to the Dinh Co Monastery at the foot of the Long Hai hills, where a platoon from B Company, that had engaged a group of about ten enemy, that turned out to be the advance party of a much larger force, was under siege.

We got there before daybreak and took up positions between the salt marsh and the hills near Firebase Isa, which guarded the south eastern access to the Firestone Trail, so named since the Firestone Tyre Company's failed attempt to establish rubber plantations in the area, which went past the monastery thence to well established enemy positions in the hills.

The enemy abandoned the siege and dispersed when they smelled the diesel fumes from the 113's, and heard the engines of the Centurion tanks that sped to the scene, another company from 8 Battalion similarly mounted in tracks, had located itself at the north western approach between the hills and the sea, while another company of mounted infantry closed the road between the hill country and the Long Dien rice fields.

Meant that a large force of enemy was at large in the sandy scrub country with nowhere to go, since the line at Dinh Co had held, and the mounds of enemy bodies there attested to their desperate attempts to get back to the hills.

We started moving about 7:30 am in line abreast with tanks, enemy RPG fire and satchel charges took two M113's out of the line as we advanced across the formidable minefield that surrounded the enemy positions.

There was an enormous explosion and the interior of the vehicle filled with dust, even as an M16 Jumping Jack mine, the type which which caused over 57 per cent of Australian casualties in Vietnam, exploded beneath our vehicle.
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