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Then forming up in line abreast, Sergeant Bill Hoban a mine clearance expert who had deemed an area safe, was guiding down a helicopter that had arrived to retrieve Trooper Carlyle's body and to convey the wounded to hospital, he stepped onto a mine and was killed instantly, the APC with the dead and wounded went over and dropped its ramp before retrieving Bill's body.

During this part a series of explosions coming from an entirely unexpected quarter rocked the battlefield, a helicopter was sent to investigate, whence the pilot reported that a group of enemy had stumbled onto their own mines, in what appeared to be an attempt to escape to the hills, he reported seeing about eight dead with their weapons scattered all about - no attempt was made to recover the weapons or to land for fear of mines!

By this time the cut and thrust had been going on since about 11:00 the previous night, the tracks needed to be refueled so we went the twenty or so clicks back to Nui Dat at high speed, before dropping the dead off at the morgue and the wounded at the hospital.
We were not allowed to leave the vehicles, and as soon as they were refueled we sped back and took our position in the line while the next group went, until everyone was fuelled and ammo'd up, since there had been a considerable amount of firing thru the night continuing into the morning.

About midday everyone was right to go, a couple of celebrities had turned up one was combat cameraman Neil Davis who was a "war junkie" from Tasmania, he was up on the back of an APC, a couple of our officers walked over and spoke to him - never mind we were in a minefield - he was polite at first then distant and aloof!

Came the order to move and we advanced up the Firestone trail, straight away there was firing and rocket grenades from the enemy position, while hot spent shells rained down inside the vehicle as the crew commander responded with his twin thirty caliber machine guns.

After about a kilometer the commander dropped his ramp, where after we were ordered to get out and proceed on foot with the tanks, the carriers went on at high speed until they linked with the mounted company at the north western end of the redoubt, the vehicle I had been in was blown up and the crew commander killed.
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