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Default Re: Me and Johnny Vann

About midnight bursts of automatic rifle fire sprayed tracer across the rice, I lifted the M60 into position .. mist had spread across the paddy fields, a group was moving out of the village in the dark and thru the mist, finding their way with torches and candles,

I leveled the gun, it fires at a cyclic rate of five hundred and sixty rounds per minute, I had twelve hundred rounds in a waterproof rucksack, each fifth round tracer, kept clean and free of dust.

Navigating across flooded rice paddies is a zigzag type of thing, as way is made along bunds and dykes, we were going to intercept them none the less, since their way toward the Long Hai hills met up with our position in the cemetery,

A couple of times they lined up with the sights, then I had them broadside on as they tracked toward my position, I could see about seven lights, and as they drew closer saw some were lower down and closer to the ground than others, as though the person holding the torch had short legs.

From about fifty meters downrange, they got onto a bund that brought them walking in a line directly toward my machine gun, and into the field of fire from both banks of Claymores, for about twenty meters till they turned onto another bund, their lights dimming in the mist as they zigzagged toward the hills.

Next day there is a hell of a problem, another O Group and some officer says, " must have seen them," I tell him I saw them alright, he says well why didnít you fire,

I told him that I much preferred they went their way unmolested, they get long faced because it was an operation organized by the Americans, Johnny Vann was in charge of intelligence just there, and was said to be right p*ssed off.
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