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Default Re: American Fake Nazi-Child Molester Kick Starts Holocaust Industry and Becomes Successful Mag Edit

What I don't get is how the public could buy the whole fake Nazi cover for this guy. He looks so not "Aryan". I mean he looks totally Jewish; and nobody saw it and questioned it?

In Skokie, Illinois, where so many Jews lived?

Nobody outed this guy at the time, even by mistake or accident, by knowing him from school or something?

A lot to think about indeed, freeman.

I've been trying to hunt down a book that's been banned in Germany, called "Bevor Hitler Kam", that's in English "Before Hitler Came", by a Dietrich Bronder, who is supposedly Jewish too.

The book details all the Jews in the Nazi military forces and supposedly exposes many famous Nazis to have been Jews, which certainly makes you wonder if there was a larger scheme behind the whole movement, which is a little hard to fathom, just by hearsay.

This book seems almost impossible to get hold of, even in its original German edition. I'm not even sure if it's printed in English, but I've seen several people refer to it, both in its German and English editions.

Also, the idea of secret Jewish involvment in Nazism's highest circles puts a different light on Italian Fascism and its genuine and logical criticisms of National Socialism, making me incline towards the indication that Italian Fascism might have been more genuinely rooted in solid Traditional and, if you will, "sacred" ground, especially concerning the Fascist kind of "ontological" racism of the spirit, rather than the National Socialist racism of the body, i.e. blood and genes, which is far more superficial and irrelevant.
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