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Default Re: American Fake Nazi-Child Molester Kick Starts Holocaust Industry and Becomes Successful Mag Edit

Also, the idea of secret Jewish involvment in Nazism's highest circles puts a different light on Italian Fascism and its genuine and logical criticisms of National Socialism, making me incline towards the indication that Italian Fascism might have been more genuinely rooted in solid Traditional and, if you will, "sacred" ground, especially concerning the Fascist kind of "ontological" racism of the spirit, rather than the National Socialist racism of the body, i.e. blood and genes, which is far more superficial and irrelevant.
Great points!

That is indded a very valid crticism he most richly deserves.

Italy certainly embodied the "true" nature of fascism in the purely economic sense than did Germany.

I just hope I live long enough for a genuinely coherent picture of the period.
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