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Default Re: 2012 Predictions - Prince William ?

There is a lot of talk about 2012...interestingly, Prince William will be 30 in 2012. In my opinion, the antiChrist will mimic Jesus in this: he will start his show at 30, William or whoever else.
Bill was born in the summer solstice...his labor was induced just for this. His family is satanic to the core and they claim the best "blood" of all. Grandma and uncle Duke are the leaders of the Masons worldwide. His godfather was a heavy occultist.
He is handsome, tall, blue eyed, and charismatic. His mother was chosen to breed him because of her blood and was sacrificed at an ancient pagan holy spot, Pont D`Alma. Her name was the name of the top female divinity, Diana.
I just wonder...2012...better pay attention to this guy.

Note: check the book "The Prince and the Paranormal" (about Charlie), to understand where Bill is coming from.
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