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Tried writing to the media lately? Good luck. Major outlets have returned items, well OK maybe I got the address wrong like three times in a row with different stations?
Then there is something called GSM the "anti spam" email filtering software. Returned my email calling them all lobotomized idiots. So it was judged "inappropriate".
Then don't under any circumstances email people from work. It just disappears magically into the Stasi headquarters. I may be free to expound upon this if I get fired. The general conclusion is that emails are no longer safe, if they ever were anyway.
Sent this wonderful quote from over at Bushflash.
I just could not express it any better.

"The media, once a power great enough to shake the corridors of power with the resonance of truth, are now totally useless.

Do you watch CNN, Fox "News", MSNBC? STOP it, NOW.

Yeah- I know- "We have to MONITOR the news, and uncover the lies." Nah- I don't bother with that, anymore. Screw that. If you wanna monitor lies, more power to you. The crap that comes out of the word-holes of these media whores, comes from the crania of people who have had their brain matter scooped out, and replaced with canine dung. You wanna listen to, and monitor the ramblings of lobotomized talking heads?

Leave me out of it. When I walk through the streets of NYC, and happen upon a homeless person, who speaks in tongues, prancing about the street, whilst crapping in his pants- do I sit by and "monitor" his ravings? No- I ignore them, and walk away. "

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