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Minuteman wrote:
Update. I tried once again to write to several news outlets from my place of work. You cannot. Think about this for a moment. You are an honest hard working career person, spent 25 years of your time building up a company then one day you uncover a scandal topping the Enron situation. You can't email the press, you can't protect yourself from an absolute frame up job. You can't because the email software filters this out.
I understand Windows XP and the upcoming Palladium are even more extreme and have "enhanced" capabilities in this area. (research digital rights management).
What can I say other than Satan lives?
Solution? Express it openly. Tell everyone you know in business. Refuse to use email for certain things just because it is not safe. Refuse to bank online. Refuse to efile with the IRS and state that it is against my religion to support the technology of the anti-christ. Remember business people everywhere are banking on the new "wireless revolution". Translation for the common man? You may have to walk funny with a GPS tracking unit shoved up your ass.
Invest now. Buy a tesla coil. Few electronic devices can withstand the high frequency high voltage put out by these units. frys the chips!

"You may have to walk funny with a GPS tracking unit shoved up your ass."

Funny, not funny!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:


And, if we resort back to the telephone, we are connected with computer generated voice machines!! Frustrating to say the least.

HELLO!!! IS anybody out there alive!?!

Humanity being replaced with machines!!

NAH!! This topic has never been presented in the movies!!!
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